Carol’s Day / Carol’s Night

Blizzard came from nowhere – darned blizzard
But am I a fan of snow? Of course not! But
Not that anyone asked me – of course not!

Happy? Of course, my children were happy
Snow day – no school – too much snow
Shot my plans for the day – totally shot

To finish the Harbor Memorial Feast, to
Do all the things I needed to do
Stuck at home just as I was stuck

Too late for to call a babysitter too
Take them all was more than I could take
Suck! Did all this simply suck!

Past noon, cabin fever claimed by noon’s past
Comfort of home is no longer a comfort
Fried ketchup? No, ketchup can’t be fried!

Nuts are in the DVD?!! ARE YOU NUTS?!?!
Kids – my darling, usually, well- behaved kids
Tried my patience, like it has never been tried

Parcel left at the curb, not even my parcel
Cussing inside instead of verbally cussing
Tongue hurt ‘cause I bit my tongue

Shoveled whatever needed to be shoveled
Salt got in my eyes – hydrochloride rock salt
Stung like the devil, how it stung!

Entertain? Tonight he wants to entertain?
Insane! My husband is freaking insane!
Oh migraine! I’m getting a migraine – oh!

Rang in the evening, my doorbell rang
Worsening a mood, way past worsening
Things I can’t be bothered by, nonsense things

Carolers, candle-holding carolers
Singers they wanted more singers
Sing they wanted me to sing

Spying eyes behind the curtains spying
Great – my husband actually said great!
Go ahead honey. You know you want to go!

Hymns, well I could sing the opus hymns
Joy – yes, it would bring back my lost joy
Go yes go! Hey lets all go!

Out we went and sang our voices out
Bells we rang singing Silver Bells
Praise flow from voices, joyous praise

Songs, how we sang those songs!
Grew friendships as carolers grew
Raised spirits with opus raised

So the stars – how they twinkle so!
Smiling with my kids just smiling
Right perfect, weather just right

Drifts of snow in piling drifts
Pains of day, now forgotten pains
Night divine O Holy Night

Heat, we savor the cocoa’s heat
Sweet comforts of my home sweet
Complete peace to a day complete


Giving the Serpentine Verse a holiday whirl!

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight – Week 76 – Holiday Edition

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