Year’s End Goodbye


“…the winter sets its tears upon us” sung real soft
Old records she listens to, when he’s brought her pain
She knows she’s heard these songs now quite too oft

Two hours to midnight, he’s not home yet
A familiar loneliness comes to her again
Except it’s now tinged with open regret

Outside jolly voices hail the season
While inside her heart breaks, slow as the songs she plays
Brittle and on the edges of reason

The door opens as she hears the clock’s chime
Hearing his footsteps click on the cool marble floor
Stops herself from commenting on the time

Knows just what he’ll say when she sees his face
Knows he’s left even though he’s just walked in the door
Knows that goodbye now sits in hello’s place

Pouring herself shots of liquid spirit
With awe he watches her mouthing the words he says
Her world now spinning, she makes herself sit

Words of apology, words of good-bye
Her emotions tumble-down a deep spiraled well
But refuses to let him see her cry

Forcing a smile, much too tired to think,
Without a second look, she bids him a farewell
Already focused, on the next stiff drink

Before the door closes, her drinking has begun
“…the winter sets its tears upon us” lowly sung
Somewhere in the distance, New Year’s Bells are rung
The tightened grip on her tears is slowly unstrung


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 77 – Happy New Year

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