14 comments on “The Wind Grows Colder

  1. The lune as a prayer, an invocation – that’s something a little different from what others have written, and therefore valuable as a note to the flexibility of the form. Also, an interesting mix of lune variations in this progression.

    • I had written a Lune before and found it a little easy. This was a little more work combining the variations and still keep a steady flow.

      Hmm, there’s a Kelly and a Collom… perhaps a Rai Lune? 😀

  2. I seek You
    As I always have

    With my heart and soul
    So weary
    Of the questioning….love how the rhythm of these two play together….my fav though is the wind grows colder one as i think it really embodies the form and is so emotive…

  3. The refraining line of the wind grows colder is very effective ~ I hope that in silence we can hear Him ~ Well done with the form ~

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