My Than-ks Bauk To You

I know some curse
This perverse form
dVerse I smile.

For all the while
Poets style, words
Beguile, they do!

Sweet Pub ‘tis true
My thanks due, yes
To you in verse.


Because I just know the widget will expire if I try to wait until much later to post this, I do so now.  My sincere thanks to all of you who attempted this week’s Form For All the Than Bauk.  I have enjoyed these past two days reading all the fun, poignant, dark, wonderful and deliciously interesting takes on the form.

dVerse Poets Pub | Form For All – Than Bauk

28 thoughts on “My Than-ks Bauk To You

  1. This made me smile big time and there’s clearly a reason you hosted, you are awesome at this form! Thank you for your excellent introduction and patience as we all tried something new. It was a lot of fun (despite the grumbling :)).

  2. Oh you clever poet, you. Loved this and we all had such a good time with this new form. I think with a bit more work I could make this work in lots of new work. There is a modern feel to it, a subtlety with the rhyme and a great symmetry that can be achieved through it. There were so many good ones that linked!

    Hope you got to read the comments. So many had such good things to say to you about the form! Thank you again.

  3. first, thank you for the introduction to this new form.

    second, a perverse form indeed; it is definitely a challenge given the tigh constraints of the verse.

  4. And thanks to YOU for this nice poem and for introducing us to the form. I think it would be easier to accomplish next time, and I did enjoy the process.

  5. neat choice of theme here for your post. Your example here easily and effortlessly shows how this form lends itself to all thematic/stylistic choices and how neat and fun are at one with the Than Bauk. Great fun this prompt was.

    • how neat and fun
      are at one with
      Great fun this prompt

      Now look at that! Remove a word here, twist a word there and you almost had a Than Bauk as your comment * grin *
      Thanks Fred.

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