6 comments on “Query…

  1. I would personally prefer to remain a male, although the superpowers might enable me to help both others and myself greatly. However, the word “superpowers” can be interpreted in many ways. It might include the ability to change myself back to a male, even if God did tell Noah (aka Bill Cosby) “You know I don’t work like that!”. In that case it might be worth it. Otherwise, I might find it just too much of an adjustment.

    • Having been trained as a mathematician, that’s exactly the way to maximize the opportunity. If offiered three wishes, at least one of them should be a wish for – you guessed it – three wishes. This would eventually drive any genie back into his bottle.

  2. My instinct says “in a heartbeat,” Even though I squarely self-identify as hetero woman, the move to male doesn’t give me pause, even if I still preferred men. And regardless what the superpower was. In fact, even without that inducement. I think I’ve just had too many issues with my femininity, starting with early puberty, resulting early breast reduction (and all the factors leading to it), PCOS, DUB for months on end, even dealing with my cycle when it was”normal.” Add to that the number of times I have been molested, attacked, stalked. And so on. I don’t enjoy -being- a girl, even though my affect, and the effect, is a “girly girl.”

    • In your case I fully understand why you’d switch “in a heartbeat”. You were among the four or five friends I knew would switch without reservation, even without the incentive of a superpower.

  3. The gender switch would not be too much of a problem for me as the human form fascinates me (although my partner would probably have something to say about the new position they would find themselves in). I’d probably spend the first two weeks locked in the house admiring my new body from every angle and learning how it works. But I’d need clarification on WHAT the superpower was before making my decision.

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