Big Montana Sky

As I lay on my duster, watching the big Montana sky
Like I have so many nights before, watching the time carve by
I know that this cattle drive, was worth all the time of the run
But on nights likes these, no nights like these are never any fun

The ambiance of a crystal clear night, I cannot deny
As I lay on my duster, watching the big Montana sky
But all my thoughts now turn to you, as I watch the campfire
Each flame a flimsy copy, of you when filled with desire

Those jolts of emerald flashes, which herald your fluid moods
How well I’ve learned to read them, the bad, the ugly  and the good
As I lay on my duster, watching the big Montana sky
My longing for your touch is so deep, I damn well want to cry

I squeak out a prayer to the heavens, that you still feel the same
Upon my return to you, I shall ask you to share my name
In the meantime, the thoughts of your dew soft skin just get me by
As I lay on my duster, watching the big Montana sky


Welcome students! – Today’s form is the Quartern.

The quatern is yet another French form. It consists of four stanzas of four lines, or sixteen total lines. The quatern is a syllabic form, meaning that there are a required number of syllables per line. Traditionally there are eight (8) syllables per line (or tetrameter, to those who want to get all technical), but it does NOT have to be iambic!!  (Yes, I took very creative license by using fifteen syllables in  my example above.)

The other trait of the quatern is that there is a repeating refrain, similar to a kyrielle. In this case, the refrain is repeated one line lower in the poem in each stanza until in the fourth stanza it’s the fourth line, like below…

Line 1 (refrain)
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4

Line 5
Line 1 again (Line 6)
Line 7
Line 8

Line 9
Line 10
Line 1 again (Line 11)
Line 12

Line 13
Line 14
Line 15
Line 1 again (Line 16)


dVerse Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 70

17 thoughts on “Big Montana Sky

  1. smiles…lovely story telling….lyrical like a song perhaps he sings out on the long road as he pines for home and the one he loves and looks forward to the day they can share a name…smiles…

  2. Beautiful. such a reflective poem. I have been in Montana only twice, I think but I definitely think that looking at that Montana Sky would inspire awe…..and poetry!

  3. Wonderfully crafted quatern. The trick is to make the refrain line blend into each stanza and you managed that skillfully. I can relate so closely to your poem that I believe you may be in my back yard. It is a beautiful time of year.

  4. You make working forms very easy. Glad I went through this one to take a closer look at a quatern—nice! Lovely n Montana, isn’t it?

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