National Poetry Month: The Family That…


Trapped by danger’s sweet fragrance
Lust of thus oozed from my pores
Became yours at soul’s expense

At first kind
Cleaving to the ties that bind
Couldn’t see the seeds planted
Enchanted, my eyes were blind

Slowly thus
Your love a snake venomous
The intent as sheer as glass
Only I passed your litmus

Blood’s imbrue
Its desires call me too
In moderation, I know
It is so, I’ve become you

In your hand for uses queer
Evil once ne’er dreamed to do
Now like you I find I sneer

That is what you once called me
Only on death we gain it back
With life’s lack, it comes to be

Come my blade
With you I’m all I’ve been made
Gleaming crimson from our gut
Final cuts, our dues are paid

So we lay
It has come to this last day
Laugh at your look of surprise
Evil dies, we pass away

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: The Family That…

    • Oh for heaven’s sake Bob! I wrote this one over five years ago. No, I’m not thinking of suicide. However, homicide is not sounding like such a bad idea at this moment… (j/k).

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