15 comments on “A Good Girl Who Does

  1. ha no…you can’t grow a garden by reading a book.. think it’s one of the odd things that men brag and women try to hide it…glad you found your way

  2. ha….very nice…did not see the acrostic again until you pointed it out….i guess this def crosses lines for some…but your uniqueness makes you desired as well…and haha on the end doing it just to make people blush…smiles.

  3. You know what? This is absolutely spot on…and empowering. I actually hate ‘man talk’ about conquests- makes us look stupid (not all of us are!)…why can’t, and wouldn’t a woman act in the same way?….there’s no answer or argument with that!….except from men who maybe feel threatened? I thought this was a very unique, courageous poem that more than met the brief! (p.s I hope I read into it right…it’s what it made me think anyway- apologies if i got it wrong- stu)

  4. What a challenging form…I didn’t noticed it until I read the ending ~

    I admire a woman who is empowered and not afraid of her strength, even though in real life, its a constant battle of expectations and breaking the ceiling glass ~ Enjoyed the write ~

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