A Good Girl Who Does

As a thinker I excelled in science and chess
Bright in my other academics, I gave no less
Could mentally match just about whatever you bring
Daunted only by my emotional state, a very different thing
Ever curious, I took a shine to coition with ambition
Female born, however held a certain restriction
Gracious model of virtue? Hah! I never tried to be
Held back within all the rules of social complicity

Inquisitive, I felt it more honest than being just a tease
Justly stated, I would pursue my desires as I would please
Knowing that the names for me were much closer to ‘whore’
Love was but a word as the males I knew were free to ‘score’

Mainly, I felt you can’t grow a garden by reading a book
Negating convention I dared to do more than just look
Oh guys can easily convey how often they go to bat
Privately the girls aren’t ever to admit knowing any of that
Quietly I learned to hide how I came to know so much
Raging that a male is never asked to hide knowledge of such
So, I could hum the foulest limerick and still be called quaint
Talk knowledge of a hummer when I was barely twenty ain’t

Understanding people I had known only one or two
Vicious rumors and some cruel truths I muddled through
Watching eyebrows rise as double-standards reared its head
X-rated knowledge in a g-rated world was a hard path to tread

Years went by before I felt I wasn’t a freak
Zeroing in that I’m a rarity someone unique
Allowed myself to enjoy it all in its various forms
Because I refuse to stilted by social world’s norms
Carnal knowledge once bane, I’m now admired for
Day or night, finally happy, I don’t care any more

Every now and then I’ll get outrageous with a verbal gush
Freaking people out on purpose just to watch them blush


And today’s form is an Abecedarius which is an alphabetic acrostic or a poem in which each line or stanza begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. Historically, it was widely used in religious aspects as the beginning of prayers, hymns and oracles. As time progressed, variations of the method developed and new types of acrostics appeared. Some methods included using the first letter of the first word (as I have done above), the first letter of the stanza or the first letter of the first word and last letter of the last word in each line.

dVerse Poets Pub – Poetics: The Art Of Rebellion

15 thoughts on “A Good Girl Who Does

  1. ha….very nice…did not see the acrostic again until you pointed it out….i guess this def crosses lines for some…but your uniqueness makes you desired as well…and haha on the end doing it just to make people blush…smiles.

  2. You know what? This is absolutely spot on…and empowering. I actually hate ‘man talk’ about conquests- makes us look stupid (not all of us are!)…why can’t, and wouldn’t a woman act in the same way?….there’s no answer or argument with that!….except from men who maybe feel threatened? I thought this was a very unique, courageous poem that more than met the brief! (p.s I hope I read into it right…it’s what it made me think anyway- apologies if i got it wrong- stu)

  3. What a challenging form…I didn’t noticed it until I read the ending ~

    I admire a woman who is empowered and not afraid of her strength, even though in real life, its a constant battle of expectations and breaking the ceiling glass ~ Enjoyed the write ~

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