26 comments on “My Sin

    • Ah Bob, the answer to that question is not one that can be fully explained in this box. Let’s just say it’s a game some lovers play with each other.

  1. Don’t know what to say after that, not what I expected to read on the poets rally. Good read once I got over the surprise at the subject, especially after the Romeo & Juliet quote. Clever use of other poetry, though I’m not sure Bill would have intended it to be used in such a way (I’m sure he’d enjoy that it has been though).
    The Lonely Recluse.

    • Believe it or not, I know how you feel, Recluse. I was a little taken aback myself as the words fell upon the page as this was the first of such writes on that subject; especially considering the inspiring source. But as we all know: the muse wants, what the muse wants and “My Sin” was the result.

      The form I used is called a Glosa which requires the use of “borrowed” words from another author. You can read more about the form here:

      As for Willie Shakes thoughts on my use of his words, I opine once he picked his jaw from yon floor, he would have enjoyed it most thoroughly.

      • I understand what you mean, although I may not have written anything to the same subject, I’ve written plenty that I’ve read after and though “What the bloody hell is that on about?” As you say, the muses lie to do as they wish and have a giggle while they’re at it.
        Thanks for the name of the poetry form, I’d have just done my own version of it without knowing the name, but now I can say “this is loosly based upon a Glosa”, and look real smug and clever when I do.
        The Lonely Recluse,

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