I Imagine A Day


You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
“Imagine” – John Lennon/Imagine

We walk down these busy roads
Each step met with some disdain
Yet we move along through the goad
For we’re still walking harsh terrain
We’ve made a choice in this workload
Not for the grind of the office screamer
We work with those whose hands lay
In not hiding what is during the day
Some may say I’m a schemer,
You may say I’m a dreamer

I was once completely battered
By words that should have been balm
Stung as my feelings hardly mattered
And all along I felt as tender
As a crystal ready to be shattered
Feels like I’m living a life undone
Pieces of my soul I imagine crying
With the all senseless lying
Built upon the company jargon
But I’m not the only one

Feeling the need to get it in gear,
Tired of being the ones just waiting
Let us get a few things clear
It’s time for action, no more debating,
Who else has had it up to here?
What’s with our happiness being zealous?
Why can’t we spread word of our joy?
Just another face as love’s envoy?
Yes, we’re causing more than a fuss,
I hope someday you’ll join us

Even knowing it’s a hard road to tread
I rather be weary with the fight for reason
For the company line leaves me emotionally dead
And I just can’t live with the social treason,
So, tell me, where do you wish this world to head?
Someday we’ll walk in peace under the sun
When the seeds of tolerance to bloom into reality
And there is a fighting chance for us you’ll see
For only then we’ll say our work is done
And the world will be as one

(For those still afraid to open the closet door, have faith, we’re working on it )


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Form for All: Paying Tribute, Page and the Glosa

18 thoughts on “I Imagine A Day

  1. Raivenne,

    No, you’re not the only one. The world will survive as long as there are at least a few of us to balance out all the “company (wo)man” types. Beautiful – keep it up!

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  3. it’s good to not only have those dreams but to work for their realization as well…trying to make the world a better place by what we do and how we act…cool how you managed to keep the song feel throughout the whole poem

  4. nice…first, i love the song choice…lennon…dreams take work, something that i think many forget and they will waste away waiting on something they could have had, if only….much like we often give the nod to things that might improve our world, or wear the t-shirt but….well writ ma’am

  5. What an inspired choice of writer to honour and to weave your poem around – and to impose upon yourself an added framework of rhyme, that is just confidence of the highest order in your craft! John Lennon’s words are wondrously idealistic, but it is that very idealism that makes his vision so compelling and so inspirational. You take that theme and explore it to the fullest, drawing the reader through all the nuances and consequences of the dream.

  6. .I agree with Sam that John Lennon’s words are wondrously idealistic – and what an ideal! Tis my hope that one day the world will be as one but doubt that it will be realised, for in essence we all follow the company line…

    Anna :o]

  7. I could hear the song here….as if listening to an inner voice belting out lines from behind the scene, as undertones to the actual lines. To work towards dreams is idealistic in perceptions closer to the dreamer and why not join them!

  8. Oh, lovely choice of cabeza. I am impressed with all the neat rhyming in your glosa in addition to the required rhymes.

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