5 comments on “And now what…?

  1. This write is such a sad statement of our youth and the road they are on. Far too many times children are left to their own devices, left without love and mentoring parents are expected to provide. As a result they seek love and acceptance in the arms of violence breeding the same bitterness, anger and resentment their parental units have passed down. Though never “jumping in” with a gang, I found myself upon this same road for many years, seeking love in all of the wrong places – never realizing the only one I really needed love and acceptance from was myself. It scares me, this walk of our youth, as I realize at one point they will be leading our country.

    On another note, I’m glad you are okay – I’m glad they weren’t carrying guns, or at least they were smart enough not to take aim. Be safe out there My Dear Friend – it’s a crazy world!

    Love Ya~

  2. In one of Voltaire’s novels (Candide or Zadig, I forget which), the protagonist sees a man severely beating a woman, and intervenes to rescue her. Immediately, BOTH of them turn on him and chase him. I don’t recall whether or not this was explicitly stated by Voltaire, but it was apparent to me that he had unknowingly interrupted some extremely weird sort of foreplay.

    I’ve always felt that this is what happens to most people who attempt to do this particular type of “right thing”, and I would be no exception if I attempted it.

  3. It’s worrisome whenever we cross paths with things like that. The reality of the situation really prohibits intervention. To me it sounds as if you are right in your hypothesis, as distressing as it is that there is gang activity right outside your door.

  4. I should have immediately recognized it for what it was. If I had, I would have known to stay out of it. It has been a very long time since I’ve gang activity so in my face as yesterday. The brutality of it, and it being literally yards from my front door, caught me off guard. My neighborhood is not the best, but that has never been a problem before. It’s now one more thing added to my ever increasing list of things to be wary of in the street.

  5. My first thought when you said they were counting was jumping in … That also explains why they didn’t go to the school yard, but doesn’t explain why they would have been so close to anyone’s house. Strange and scary.

    I’m glad you’re fine and that they didn’t feel the need to go after you to save face in any way. I live in a pretty ganged-up community. It doesn’t affect me in any ways and rarely shows its face, but there are always the little reminded: the colors everyone wears, for one. This is very new for me, and I’m still not entirely sure how to navigate it all the time. I just hope it stays outwardly benign.

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