One Word Photo Challenge: Bronze


My entry for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge: Bronze challenge was found while walking around my home town of New York City. I am constantly finding new and often unusual things when I step away from the beaten path and this was one such thing.  I liked that these figures were scaling the wall of 24 Bond Street as though rising up from depths below.

Thanks to my bud G-Unit (with a nod to Google for extra info), I have learned that this is the work of Bruce Williams. A software developer and artist, who lives on the 2nd floor of the building which hosts a dance studio on the ground floor. The  first of the sculptures (The Dancers), arranged along the fire escape were added to the exterior in 1998. The dancing statues had to be retroactively approved by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission when the building became part of the NoHo historic district in 2008.  After an unsuccessful attempt to have the original set of dancers removed, Williams having won the hearts and minds of the Commission, extended the statues to vertically span the left side of the building in 2010.   The dancers are whimsically arranged, and no two figures are the same.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Selfie

The Daily Post | Weekly Photo Challenge : Selfie


A selfie taken at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in New York City’s Upper West Side. The crisp, dark vertical elongation of my angled shadow was, in my opinion, an excellent contrast to horizontal parallel of the light colored slate and stone of the monument path.

I like this particular image because even though you don’t really see me, things can be told by it now nearly three years later, regardless of my being the photographer.

— A winter coat  would not have such waist delineation.

Wearing slacks
— Were I in jeans, it would be form more fitting, not as loose.

Pony tail
— Even taking the depth perception of the image into consideration.  my head would not look so small had my usually wild curly hair been worn out as I usually do have it.

— Clearly I had done a little retail therapy that day from the size of the bag.

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Thai Like It

View of a Glass of Thai Iced Tea from Above

This mouth watering goodness is a simple glass of Thai Iced  Tea. Usually I take drink pictures from the side, but this was truly a more interesting view. I’m going to consider this angle more often.


Daily Prompt | Weekly Photo Challenge From Above