Danse Sensual

A smoky haze billows upward
in the tangible heat that surrounds us
on the crowded dance floor
but for all the notice we give it
it may as well be
just you and I

The feelings
you stir up inside of me
as the air around us
with the electricity of us
the slow tempo
that achingly throbs
deep within

Your fingertips stroke
first softly here,
then a gossamer whisper of contact
caresses me
leaving me little
to imagine how it would feel
if you were stroking me

What is it…
…the music?
…the Chianti?
…the manly scent of you?
what is the driver
turning my
aphrodisiac screws

You breathe
so sensually
unto my neck
making me close my eyes
and embrace your touch
you could take me
right then
right there
and we both know it

A deep throated moan
escapes my lips,
lips as parted
as my trembling thighs
wish they could be

you softly whisper
indicating the exit
saving me from myself

too late


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