When It Just Hurts

This is a heart dump.  I need to get this out before the rage I feel right now threatens to choke the humanity in me as much as I want to choke some of the beings that call themselves human right now.

A friend had the shit beat of her simply because she loves the same sex as her own.  She is one of the the craziest, yet nicest people I know. She was beaten simply because of how she is wired to love and did not feel the need to hide it, to fear for it. She was beaten badly. Badly enough that we, her friends – fought to convince her,  if she did not want to go to the police, to at least go to the hospital and have herself properly checked out. 

Live and let live is what they say right? She was lucky she was let live…” a now former…someone…(because I refuse to grant them the honorific of friend) of hers, quipped. It was said in such a way that we who heard it understood where their sympathies lay. It was not with the woman finally going to the ER.

Anger screaming "What?! "


*Seeing Red* did not begin to describe the backlash that occurred from the rest of us when that gem was dropped. There was almost another person headed to the ER.

Yes, “Live and let live” includes the words live. It does NOT include the carte blanche to whip someone’s arse because that someone will live through it.

We take take all these steps forward as humans and then shit like this happens and we are forced to acknowledge how many, many, many more steps there are to go.

Life is hard enough for us all right now. How the fuck is this still happening?

It is one very pissed of St. Patrick’s Day over for me over here on Day 17 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge for 2020.

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I Fell In Love With You Again Today

Braden Summers - Gay Couple

Braden Summers Photography
(Click for full size)

I fell in love with you again today

The good times that made us friends
Between the breaths of mine you took away
How the simple thought of you
Kept playing over and over in my mind

Remembering the day that we met
The emotions that had no words yet

I fell in love with you again today

The hard times that made us strong
The way I made you smile to learn
You were the shoulder when I need to lean
The ear when I need one to bend

There was that magic in the past
That makes our love today still last

I fell in love with you again today

The sweet times that made us lovers
And I smile remembering
Those first fears, the arguments
Yes, even the break-up and reconciliation

For in your smile I still find peace
In your arms I still find release

I fell in love with you again today

The best times that made us spouses
And all of those old feelings
Came rushing back on fresh wings
Once again brand shiny new

For after all our time together
I still believe this is forever

And I fell in love with you again today

I actually had an entirely different poem in the queue setup for today. Then a friend posted a link to the Braden Summers collection on Buzzfeed that contains the above photograph. I, and apparently my muse, was enamored of this image, the last one of the set shown on the website. This is an image of a mature love, but clearly a still very happy and giving love. Whether a real couple -oh I hope, they look so happy together!- or merely models, I felt the couple looked like new lovers and the write you see above was born.

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