I’m in an Enigma State of Mind

Picturesque, the dame gives name to her state
A classic beauty of the Art Deco age
That is recognized everywhere

Each day the dame shows off her golden base
While each night shines on top
Sometimes in diamond white
Most times adorned in colors
Honoring what’s dear to her

The sleepless met the dame on Valentine’s Day
The fit 86 their sanity each year to reach her
The observant see her in 102 stories

The dame is renowned the world over
Being among the first of her kind
For her stately height
And redefining animal magnetism

For tonight’s OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub I give some love to the enigma that is The Empire State Building.

The Empire State Building at night awash in multiple pastel colors

dVerse Poets Pub graphic

dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #221