A Flush of Release

Given sweet release, on a sultry night
One hears the morning bird’s song, I close my eyes and breathe deep
It bans the darkness, heeding ganja’s call
Sleep a hazy memory, in the aromatic flush
Bright music waking the soul, all coherent thinking lost


Tonight on dVerse Poets Pub Mish challenges us to flush things out in a quadrille – a poem of exactly 44 words not including the title. One of those 44 words must be the prompt – flush..

As I worked this out I realized I was on the path to creating a Super Tanka, so I just went with Muse and combined both. And being that today is 4/20 my mind naturally went to ganja’s call…

6 thoughts on “A Flush of Release

  1. I’m not a ganja smoker but a journey like you describe for a little respite sounds mighty good right now. Ganja, take me away! (play on Calgon, take me away!)

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