15 comments on “1 Down 30 More to Go

  1. Wow! Working on a book is such an amazing thing, and you’re so close! Be kind to yourself if as you said above “life gets in the way” again. This is for you, not to create stress or guilt. I’m glad you’re here and glad I read your post to remind myself the same thing. Writing at all is a victory!

  2. Glad to have you writing this year!!! You got this!!! Can’t wait to hear more about the book of poems.

  3. Good luck with the publication process. There seem to be a lot of us who planned to NOT sign up, but did so after all. I am looking forward to hearing about the publication process and your trips.

  4. Glad you are giving the challenge a go this year. I look forward to reading your view on the word. I figure Day one is a getting started post, Day 31 a “We made it” post, and day 16 a half way there post. That means there are only 28 posts we need to come up with. Wishing yo well on your book.

  5. Could become a great outlet for all the things in your life, glad you chose the challenge! You got this! Look forward to reading more.

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