Meter Down

Oh, I’m lousy at meter
Unless it’s Demeter
Of she I can speak night and day
Iambic pentameter
Just doesn’t matterer
To my muse any way

Saw what I did there, eh?

And “da-DUM da-DUM”
Just makes me feel dumb
Strike that mouse in the clock I begs
For I will give the boot
To all who mention “foot”
When lyrics ain’t got any legs,

But will run for some green ham and eggs. Dregs!

Whether di-, pent- or Hexes
Oh how meter vexes
The voice when unnaturally dropped
On meter spanned then
With lines enjambed when
Ow! I think my poor brain has popped!

And now my watch is end-stopped


In a play against how cell phones now seem to take up so much of our time, Izy at Real Toads takes us “Out of Standard” and challenges us to pick up our cell phones for some “inspiredo”  by taking the last text received and use it in a poem. Luckily, my last text had no emojis.


Real Toads | Out of Standard – From the Black Mirror 

Meanwhile at dVerse, Victoria challenges us to pick a subject and write in meter to set its mood. Can you say ‘Ugh!”? I have never been one for formal meter.  If a word or phrasing comes naturally to my write, an errant “foot”, sticking out like a sore thumb, will happen. The message is more important. Thus,  I could not resist delightfully mocking it here as my subject, throwing in some poetic terminology,  Hickory Dickory, Dr. Seuss and a touch of Game of Thrones to boot.


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Meter-Made Mood–dVerse Meeting the Bar

17 thoughts on “Meter Down

  1. Wow, I just felt that boot! I love the humor in this and I hate to be the one to tell you, but you did a great job with the meter and word play to make this fun and effective. The thing is, those of us who dread meter use it without even knowing it. Trust me.

  2. As Victoria & Bjorn contend, most of s are writing iambs, using meter, having learned through osmosis, or just reading other poets. I hear & feel you with this one; smile.

  3. I am a fan of structured poems when done well, and this one is so well done. I love the sardonic wink wink word play. Thanks so much for posting to the Out of Standard! Viva la

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