14 comments on “Every Way The Wind Blows

  1. Wonderful video!!! I love moving art and this is absolutely captivating. “I scream unheard in living death” — the living caught in eternal movement – circular – the same circle – never reaching a stopping point. Well done — love this take on the prompt!

  2. Whoa, I love the twisted, sick darkness in this. It reminded me of the movie “House of Wax” with Vincent Price where he used real people as his wax sculptures…creeped me out when I was young! But I love the sculpture and the video…very charming.

  3. This is my first introduction to this moving sculpture. I adore dandelion clocks and to see this magical work of art in motion was a treat. I do agree, there is a darker side, which you have captured (no pun intended) in the italicised ‘asides’. A beautiful balance of light and dark.

  4. I believe I have used that lovely piece of work before. I admire the voice, melancholy and these lines:

    Joyful wings ever airborne
    Yet never take flight

  5. Ah.. yes.. white and bLack
    magicK of the Statue real..
    moon child incantations
    come to real as weLL..
    yeah.. it’s
    sort of off
    topicK butt
    that happened
    real too.. perhaps
    coincidence.. perhaps
    synchronicity.. but never
    the less.. yes.. MagicK Isreal..;)

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