Ivory and Coloured Glass

In vials of ivory and coloured glass
Are memories of then now gathering dust
Just one touch and in memories I’m thrust

Swift as the stirrings that came to amass
A moment’s surrender, I do remember
Those fleeting firsts uncovered in the grass

Wandering the world with equal lust
Fill vials of ivory and coloured glass

But vials of ivory and coloured glass
Needed a home with some stillness to trust
That our nomadic lives could not adjust

Allowing one last half-formed thought to pass
How it descended, bitterly ended
I pull myself from memory’s morass

Oh but for one more tryst in wanderlust
For vials of ivory and coloured glass


For today’s prompt Angie challenges us to utilize T.S. Eliot’s complex and very long poem “Wasteland” in either a Fibonacci or free style poem. The only caveat being the write can not be about death, numbers, money or taxes – as it is Tax Day here in the U.S. A few lines random lines caught my eye, and my muse took over from there.

Real Toads – Tax Day


National Poetry Month – Day 15

Not knowing this was coming I already did a couple of Fibonacci Spiral poems just last week and did not want to do another one so soon. Free style is easy, so I’ll stay in keeping with my alphabetic run through poetic forms challenged myself to an Octain.

10 thoughts on “Ivory and Coloured Glass

  1. The repetition of the phrase “vials of ivory and coloured glass” gives it a song-like quality as well as nostalgia. The speaker clearly remembers all the joys and pains in that vividly remembered past whose talismans almost have a mystical quality to them.

  2. Anyone who can rhyme so effortlessly has my admiration! What a beautiful form to transform Wasteland into what is now vials of ivory and coloured glass! Great job on the (half-given) prompt. Happy NaPoWriMo

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