17 comments on “Pages Left To Turn

  1. Ah, we do indeed turn the pages as we move through life. Sometimes there’s an inkblot on one — or several may be dog-eared, and some might be brittle to the touch. As long as the ink is readable and we can lick our finger to turn the pages one by one, we shall be okay! 😉 Love your take on the prompt.

  2. I so enjoy when not only can one multitask a poem, but to do it well and also wisely. I’ll fill these lines with joy before I turn the page…what a wonderful thought!

  3. I practically had extended nervous breakdowns for 6 months before and after turning 30. Seems ridiculous, now that I’m deliciously 76 years young.

  4. This is a remarkable poem, all the more so as you presented your theme in such a well-devised form.

  5. What fun, a joyous ride. I assure you though, a long as one still has a spouse, you never get too old to scold; more’s the pity.

  6. Hopefully, we all have privilege to leave “fantasia that thirty is considered old” behind! I admire the form, rhyme, and perspective of this.

  7. Such a perfect blending of the three prompts! And, love, you are never too old. I’m 72 and I still get scolded–for example, if I clean a pot that my chef-husband was going to use the stuff in the bottom to make a sauce. I’m a bit compulsive and he, well…

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