Those Things That Are Expected

When I’m sage
The old rocking chair
May have a place in my life when
I have gray hairs and the wrinkles aplenty you know
Those things that are expected then
Once I reach that stage
When I’m more
At still
Right now
It is such
A long way off from
Those things that are expected then
For they most certainly do not apply to me now
Wherein the only things that rock
Are my jewelry
My music
And of



National Poetry Writing Month 2016 – Day 6

Today’s form adds up to the Fibonacci Spiral

The Fibonacci Poem, or Fib Poem for short, is a single stanza poem based on the first 7 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13. The first and second lines are one syllable, the third line two syllables, the fourth line three syllables and so forth following the Fibonacci sequence. It traditionally ends at seven lines (13 syllables), but some have taken it longer following the sequence.

The Fibonacci Spiral poem is a more structured poem with two stanzas.

The 1st stanza has 13 lines, the 2nd stanza has 12 lines. The last line of your first stanza is repeated to become the first line of your second stanza with no gap between stanzas. Repeat the syllable count to form the spiral for a total 25 lines altogether. If this confuses you just look below.

The syllable counts must be as follows:

stanza 1
1st line – 1 syllable
2nd line – 1 syllable
3rd line – 2 syllables
4th line -3 syllables
5th line -5 syllables
6th line -8 syllables
7th line -13 syllables
8th line -8 syllables
9th line -5 syllables
10th line – 3 syllables
11th line – 2 syllables
12th line – 1 syllable (word must be at least 4 letters)
13th line – 1 syllable
stanza 2 (remember there is no space between the two stanza)
14th line -1 syllables
15th line -2 syllables
16th line -3 syllables
17th line -5 syllables
18th line -8 syllables
19th line -13 syllables
20th line -8 syllables
21st line -5 syllables
22nd line – 3 syllables
23rd line – 2 syllables
24th line – 1 syllable
25th line – 1 syllable

The poem should be Centered.

12 thoughts on “Those Things That Are Expected

  1. I think you have done something I have trouble accomplishing…great form but also the words in the poem, they make me feel young

  2. Wow! Well, sitting in my rocking chair, this form rocks!!! The explanation of it reads like one of my complex knitting patterns and challenges me to follow it! We should use this as a dVerse prompt some day! I must say, that although I am in that “expected” age group, I am rejuvenated (not retired) so fear not — when you get there, you can still rock! And not only in a rocking chair. 🙂
    So — I am copying or bookmarking this page so I can try this form. It’s another poetic sudoku for sure 🙂
    Happy Friday!

  3. Fun form, fun topic. BUT–you will be surprised at how fast those gray hair-wrinkled years sneak up on you and you DO NOT need to give into them. Color your hair, love your wrinkles and rock on–I do.

  4. What an amazing form and oh, how your words rocked this. Being 64, I have decided it is the new 40. I dig my long white hair and dress as I did when I was a teen at Woodstock…and at this age, it works. One is old as they want to be. Today I choose to be 30.

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