Try this he says holding out the glass
And I’m thinking to myself No, I will pass
But his eyes hold a look, a certain teasing dare
And I’ve never been able to resist the challenge there

Holding it to my nose I could smell the sweetness
Something not quite bold and yet without meekness
You like? He smiles after a moment’s space
Already knowing the answer by the look of my face

My first cruise ever, our first true vacation
Had a rocky start, on but later the elation
So many new sights, new joys, new bliss
And now we are introduced to this

A couple of bottles of rum bought on a simple whim
But we sipped from afternoon, until light grew dim
The next day more bottles were bought to roam
And then bought more to take it home

Here I sit reminiscing on that September
I take a slow sip and fondly remember
How this taste first came to be in my days
And the bittersweet hold in which it now stays


Reminiscing on my very first cruise and a specific brand of spiced rum that can only be purchased in the Bahamas as the company does not export.

National Poetry Month – Day 15

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