Play Me One More Song

Brother, come and play me one more song
For my load is heavy, my sight bleary
My days are now few where once they thronged
And my thoughts they grow ever more weary

We knew someday this day would come
Brother, come and play me one more song
The path we traveled together at last is done
For we have traveled this road so very long

You have known me all my days
From boy to man in all my ways

Give me one more memory before long
For there’s little chance I’ll make another
Brother, come and play me one more song
It would warm this heart of mine like no other

For my time is done this much is true
And when I’m gone I’ll heed you to be strong,
But ‘till we meet again I ask this last thing of you
Brother, come and play me one more song


At dVerse Jennifer Wagner asks us to write about brothers “from any angle”. Using what I’ll call a disrupted Quartern, my muse chose the final angle.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Poetics : Oh Brother!

National Poetry Month – Day 14

14 thoughts on “Play Me One More Song

  1. I admire the refrain: Brother, come and sing me one more song ~

    This is in contrast to the sadness of a coming death, with the load very heavy ~

    Thanks for joining us ~

  2. This is very poignant & moving. There are times when we hope we have that ‘one more song’ from someone who has known us for a long, long time.

  3. You did a sterling job of telling the story, rocking the prompt, & doing so within a form; always impressive when one of us stretches their poetic grasp & refines their talent; nice take, fine feel to it.

  4. Beautiful. I can see that being a final request…to have loved ones sing one final song as we fade from this life. Bjorn’s comment is spot on too…would make a great song in a bar.

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