The Lovers

We’ve been together for years
Yet I hold her so close
As though each time
May be the last time
She’s in within my grasp

My calloused fingers
Stroke her neck
Run up her curves
Down her contours
As she lays across me

Ever my lover
She has in turns
Destroyed my heart
And saved my soul
She knows I am hers

Not my woman
With each caress
She wails and moans
At my command
Dark night or bright day

I share her always
Yet the moment I touch her
It is just she and I
On stage alone
In tuned only to each other
A man and his guitar


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Open Link Night – Week 152

9 thoughts on “The Lovers

  1. So separated.. so lost in college.. but there is
    a friend.. that i too.. with tool
    of human
    me as
    human too..
    my piano.. the
    seat of my
    life of emotions
    then.. a tool
    of heArt
    and friends
    now sing with
    me.. i no longer
    play.. the keys
    are now in
    of LOVE..:)

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