Pictures Taken

Such silly smiles that split the planes of our faces
Vacations have a way of doing that
Pictures taken visiting places
So happy anywhere we’re at
Dressed in our Formal Night styles
Now looking over these
Staring at our smiles
I’m on my knees
Tell me why
I cry


I recently came across some images of my late-husband and I on our very first cruise together. It was a bittersweet discovery to say the least.

I haven’t done a form in a while and what better way to kick off National Poetry Writing Month? This form is called Emotive Ten.

Emotive Ten (nonce form)

An Emotive Ten describes some form of emotion and has ten lines, the only restrictions is that it is syllable based.  It starts with twelve syllables and throughout the poem working its way down to two; it should describe usually an emotion in paradox, i.e. life to death, loneliness to love, light to dark etc.

If rhyme is used it must go with the syllable count in numbers and rhyme in letters:

12A, 10B, 9A, 8B, 7C, 6D, 5C, 4D, 3E, 2E

An alternate rhyming suggestion is a/a/b/b/c/c etc. The form can also be done in reverse, still ten lines, but starting out with two syllables and ending with twelve.

2 thoughts on “Pictures Taken

  1. You capture the juxtaposition between happiness and grief so succinctly. If you hadn’t mentioned in your introduction that it was a bittersweet memory, I would have cried. Actually, I did tear up a bit. I lost my first husband ten years ago.

    You’re brave to share this with us. While I’ve written about my husband before, I can’t bring myself to tell of losing him. It’s too soon.

    Thanks too for explaining the form. I hadn’t heard of it before, but now I’ll play with it.

    Have a good night,

    • Thank you. While many can sympathize, only those of us who have been to the grieving place can truly understand it. My loss was eight years ago, still, I can and do tell of my late-husband. In fact my very first blog post here was about the day he became my late-husband. The path is different for each of us, no?

      Enjoy the Emotive Ten, I look forward to reading what you make of it JMJD.

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