2 comments on “Pictures Taken

  1. You capture the juxtaposition between happiness and grief so succinctly. If you hadn’t mentioned in your introduction that it was a bittersweet memory, I would have cried. Actually, I did tear up a bit. I lost my first husband ten years ago.

    You’re brave to share this with us. While I’ve written about my husband before, I can’t bring myself to tell of losing him. It’s too soon.

    Thanks too for explaining the form. I hadn’t heard of it before, but now I’ll play with it.

    Have a good night,

    • Thank you. While many can sympathize, only those of us who have been to the grieving place can truly understand it. My loss was eight years ago, still, I can and do tell of my late-husband. In fact my very first blog post here was about the day he became my late-husband. The path is different for each of us, no?

      Enjoy the Emotive Ten, I look forward to reading what you make of it JMJD.

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