11 comments on “No Arguments Here

  1. Good for you! I don’t care about her voice being loud. I’d be pissed because she’s ordering for so many people and holding up the line. There’s always one such pest.

    • Bob, if your breakfast were a part of that group purchase so you don’t have to go get your own, you would not be thinking about the folks standing around waiting. It’s part and parcel of timing when getting food during busy time periods. There’s no way to predict it. Don’t be such a meanie-poo!

  2. And clearly, no spell check. “Arguments”. 🙂 Of course, now I’m hungry…

    • Hah! I keep forgetting the title header is not included when using spell check. Thanks for the heads-up. Now go get some food before they have to hire John Goodman (or Judy Tenuta?) to portray you in a Snickers commercial.

  3. Don’t you wish there was a volume control, maybe even a “mute” button, you could use on people? Being a regular and friendly does have its perks.

    • Arjeha, if people came with a mute button I would be in a world of trouble for the amount of people who would want me to shut-up ::big grin::

  4. I love that you are so familiar in that restaurant that you just had to hold up a finger! I wish I had that kind of familiarity with a place. Also, loved the ending…. because she’s Raivenne. Duh.

    Great slice!

    • It’s great now Dana, but let me tell you, those first month of training them was brutal – LOL! It was Cristina’s “what are you, stupid?” expression that nailed it.


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