8 comments on “Friday 55: I Know

    • My father often ‘forgot’ to put the seat down. I learned early to look/feel for the seat. Though I’ve lived on my own for quite some time now, it’s still my instinct to do so during middle of night trips because as you said it’s not fun. Thanks Victoria.

  1. I was raised by women, I NEVER leave the seat up!
    I love the tricky twist at the end
    I Love funny 55’s
    Your 55 was PERFECT!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Ah well, so it goes. My brother was terrible about leaving the seat up. One night I wandered, mostly asleep, into the bathroom, only to end up with my butt immersed in toilet water.

  3. hahaha…. oh you should see me laugh…almost falling off the chair…. in our household it is i that constantly leave the toilet seat open…and hubs gets furious about it…smiles…. dang… i hate 5 o clock flights…

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