14 comments on “But You Hear Me

  1. Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam
    or to write poetry…..

    and true in that the reader ascribes a voice to the poet as well based on assumptions on the limited information we have about the writer….

  2. Indeed I did – I heard you, I read you and I have an idea of you on Harlem’s streets, quick and stopping to read on the trains going downtown, to the library reading Keats or Austin, or Kerouac or Baldwin. Yes this is enough..I think I might know you (a little anyway).

  3. Yes, the voice is solely the province of the readers imagination …it transcends the human voice…it is the mind’s voice….a reason I do not like poetry ( with a few exceptions) to be read out aloud. Excellent poem.

    • Thank you! That is exactly what I am saying Poetrtpeapea Readers “hear” it i n their own voice or in the voices they glean from it and receive meaning thusly. Sometimes the message I think I am putting out is not always the same message received, but it’s always interesting to listen to what they’ve heard instead.

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