28 comments on “Something For Ygritte

    • Marina, I admit I googled the image for reference and the first one I saw gave all the answer I needed to understand your comment (http://wp.me/aPury-10i). While not the inspiration for my write, it can certainly apply to the Bernini statue as depicted. Like my 55, it is full of various meaning and I thank you for a new bit of knowledge as well as your comment.

      • Wow, amazing coincidence – I was sure that the statue at least partly contributed to your inspiration! Great minds think alike and all that…

  1. Raivenne…
    Very nicely penned!
    I just love how this style of writing makes you stop and thing
    Loved your passionate 55
    Thanks for playing and sharing, please join us back at any time
    Have a Kick Ass Week

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