Something For Ygritte

In obeisance

Head raised



Through the lungs


From the pulse




Across parted lips


In reverence of

The beauty

Spread before him

For the first time


For the first time



Her head

Thrown back

Mouth agape


His name

In rapture



The Lord’s Kiss


A 55 word poem for dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Form For All: Fifty-Five Shades of Grey

28 thoughts on “Something For Ygritte

    • Marina, I admit I googled the image for reference and the first one I saw gave all the answer I needed to understand your comment ( While not the inspiration for my write, it can certainly apply to the Bernini statue as depicted. Like my 55, it is full of various meaning and I thank you for a new bit of knowledge as well as your comment.

      • Wow, amazing coincidence – I was sure that the statue at least partly contributed to your inspiration! Great minds think alike and all that…

  1. Raivenne…
    Very nicely penned!
    I just love how this style of writing makes you stop and thing
    Loved your passionate 55
    Thanks for playing and sharing, please join us back at any time
    Have a Kick Ass Week

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