Losing Score

Smoke filled rooms stage the plays
Gyrating bodies form a human maze
The next face may be for always
Looking for true love through the haze

Words barley audible through the din
As if what’s wanted is conversation
And if it doesn’t work tonight, tomorrow try again
It doesn’t take much persuasion

Another night of pretext, a major pretension
A small piece of latex, the true intention

Variations on a theme standing still
The titles change, the players remains
Clubhouse, disco, honky talk, bar & grill
And the morning’s desperation of remembering names

Another night, another chance to explore
Last night found what you were looking for
Hung out, now hung over the cool white throne
This morning finds you still all alone

Smelling of cheap everything, feeling cheaper all the more
Playing a game, that guarantees a losing score


dVerse ~ Poets Pub |  OpenLinkNight Week: 125

11 thoughts on “Losing Score

  1. ugh…the bar scene, the club scene has left a lot of schrapnel to love you know…chewing them up…a little latex to feel a bit more alive, as if love is possible…at least for a night…and it wears you out over time….well captured….harder reality

  2. This is strong writing and a powerful evisceration of the life that is being sold to so many people. It is so hollow, so shallow, and ultimately so soul-destroying; it’s tragic that so many people are taken in by the lies.

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