14 comments on “Elderhood

  1. I can relate. Though often I’m asked for advice from people around my own age or even much older. I have to laugh, as my own life is not where I want it to be, and yet, people seem to ask me a lot. On another note, it’s trippy how the snow follows the cursor. 🙂

  2. Yeah – the ‘snow’ made me think I was seeing things…
    Being the ‘elder’ hit me when my cousin, my brother & wife, my daughter & her family were home after my mother died (Dad died a few years earlier). My cousin tossed out the comment, “You’re the matriarch now.” and I panicked. “I’m too young!” I protested. “I’m too inexperienced!” I claimed. “I don’t know the family stories!” I continued.
    My best friends are all at least 10-20 years older – I want to be like them. I am ‘the baby’ of the group. I like that sometimes, but I keep looking over my shoulder for who might be coming up…

  3. I am feeling the loss of the generation above me leaving and I wonder who I will share my older age with. I think about that…I’m on your wavelength.

    • “…and I wonder who I will share my older age with.” The older I get, the more I wonder also as some of the peers I love most are farthest away from me.

  4. I can relate to your post. I find most of my sage and wise advise goes to my grad students, to my young-un colleagues, or to my nieces and nephews whose parents have passed on. My own children are not ready for elders – yet….I pray that their cousins will fill in the gap when the time comes. The structures of families are intricate and changing….as so many delay or chose to not have families.

  5. I like how you told your story. There’s sadness but you finish with a positive note.
    Sometimes life doesn’t give choices. It takes resilience and wisdom to find your ground and stand strong. I don’t think that age is necessarily the most important factor. There are some immature adults and some wise young people who can be trusted and turned to when in need.

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