We All Still Know

We sit and ponder the starkest
in night’s darkest,
catering to the fears we sow.
We all still know
the sum of all our fears denies,
the sun will rise,
revealing truths behind the lies.
And so we trust and carry on,
within the rays of each new dawn.
In night’s darkest, we all still know, the sun will rise.


Another Oviellejo.

dVerse ~ Poets  Pub | OpenLinkNight : Week 120

8 thoughts on “We All Still Know

  1. I’ve not been here in too long… I love the fact that you use different forms for your poems. You are an inspiration! And I love the piece. Now to research the poetry form…. 😀

  2. The poem is brilliant and lovely. I love how you worked the redondilla. After I read this, I thought, “That was awesome! I want to write one of these!” and then I saw your link. Thank you for the awesome poem and the wonderful definition of an Oviellejo.

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