9 comments on “Being Human

  1. Very powerful and affecting photos. Although there were similar photos in this collection, I was surprised by the absence of a photo which was widely circulated, from 1972: a photo of a girl crying over her clubbed boyfriend during the riots at Kent State University.

  2. Yes, I’ve seen that collection, and it affected me similarly. Reminders of the bigger picture often help me to step out of my more mundane issues, and leave me with heartfelt gratitude for my life instead- a far better state to dwell in.

  3. When you find the answer to the question, will you please let me know, because I think its something we all ponder at some point in our lives.

    I enjoyed this as its a new form to me and I love discovering new forms.

    The pics can wait, more reading to be done first.

  4. I know…but the answer is too negative so I will not spoil your day! I am always looking for new forms …will try this one. Thanks. I have seen some of these photos before. They are very inspiring, particularly for writing poems. Again thank you for your generosity in sharing these.And now mine to you from one ex coffee addict to another…when you give it up you will feel so much better:)

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