13 comments on “Spaces and Places: Firefly Squid – Toyama Bay, Japan

  1. So cool! I got to visit a bio-luminescent lake last time I was in Jamaica. But the creatures that create the blue-green glow are too tiny to see individually. I’d love to see these little squid!

  2. These exact photos are in my Life List file too, Rai. Actually, I also have other bioluminescent things in there, too, though I don’t remember right now if any were in Jamaica specifically. Definitely some in the islands, though. So beautiful. See? If you had just let me torture you more with my photo file, you would have already known! Haha!

    • You know, when I posted this I was thinking to myself, if any of my friends already knew of their existence it would be you. Fine, you the Q Saw It First credit (again).
      😀 😀

      • I don’t need Seen It! credit… it’s just that I go on my little megasearch photo missions, so it gives me pleasure when something I liked is found cool by someone else, too- and better that it’s a friend. Better still someone who teases me a bit about my geekitude. (: And while my files are jam-packed, I know the’re not comprehensive, because I still find new cool stuff, almost every day!

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