12 comments on “How I Ink It…

  1. Interesting. I’ve never given any thought to the order of the symbols. I simply assumed it stood for unity, as you mentioned.

    • At the core, yes it’s all about unity. But, I as had actually put some thought into it other than it was visually appealing, I wanted to acknowledge that aspect of the design.

  2. Your shadows of the night is a great portfolio of life unfolding in the wee hours and the form heightens the level of intrigue…I like the tattoos on the spine that protects the heart.. an adventurous and curious person you are 😉

  3. Thank you! I know for many, tattoos are very carefully considered, and often have deeper meanings than the casual viewer might expect. I assumed that would be your camp- I know it would/will be mine. I think the simplicity is lovely now, but I think adding the swirl will look good. I’m certainly no tattoo artist, but I can’t help but think that even if the red doesn’t read scarlet, it will still be a contrast to the rest. I appreciate and enjoy hearing of the process.

    • Q, you and I are hardly the types to do anything that will leave such a permanent impression without giving it some serious thought. Especially with our own bodies. I have since seen many people with complexions similar to mine who have tattoos with red in it. Yes, it is does not show as vividly as it would with someone of a fairer complexion, but it does show enough. I really regret not listening to my own voice in that regard, but that can and will be remedied. Thanks Q.

  4. Very interesting about how your thought processes worked when you had each symbol tattooed on your spine. It gives you a very nice way to talk about your beliefs and the things you have learned about different groups of religion. I know I could never get a tattoo because just the thought of giving my body more pain is more than I can handle. I have had enough physical pain in my life and will have even more than I have now. Otherwise I would have more piercings in my ears.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story about your tattoos for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you are having a peaceful, relaxing week.

    God bless.

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