Body Guard

A mere soldier in an arsenal of many
Some richer, thus seemingly more refined
Some not worthy of holding their title
But none better than I

You walk among the ranks
Visually surveying at first,
I feel your eyes sweep over me
Your gaze – Piercing – Questioning
Before they look away
Then return

And choose me

I know others have sneered
At the numbers gone through in your quest
The many soldiers who served
and then failed, for they were not worthy
But I am worthy
So I, I say nothing…
How can I?
I who now have the duty of protecting you

I throw myself in harm’s way daily
Head-to-toe, back-to-front
Your first layer of armor in a harsh world
Knowing I’ve done my job well
Every time someone compliments

Your soft, supple skin…

For that honor, I thank you.

Your ultimate body guard,

Feeling a little had, but grinning nonetheless aren’t you? 😉

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Meeting The Bar:Negative Capability

18 thoughts on “Body Guard

  1. ha. love it…after the reveal in the last i had to go back to the top and read it again…ah but you are right, i am smiling…i love the new lay out of your page as well….very eye catching…

    • Why thank you Brian! Every now and then the muse takes a turn for the giggles. Every now and then spring cleaning includes sprucing up the old blog theme. Glad you like them both.

  2. This was incredible. I had to reread your clues once I got to the closing. Completely took me by surprise and I’m a daily user of lotion! Thanks for sharing! My fourth graders are working on mystery poems, so I thought it would be fun to write my own!

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