Separate Nights

I wish I was with you.

As full as the moon above,
is my heart’s frustration

I want to be skin to skin.

Within your arms of love,
emptied of my desperation

Freed from the regret.

Sometimes harsh, sometimes sublime,
drifting between then and now

Time I know I shall never see

To meet again as if for the first time,
someday, somewhere, somehow

But I lay alone in my darkness.

Dreaming it’s your warmth I feel
as I tightly grasp my pillow

Desperate for your touch

Pretend that the wind’s gentle appeal,
is a sensual kiss you blow

Looking into Luna’s face instead.

I pretend my moon is the same
as the one that rides across your night

Just as strong, just as fragile.

As the eggshell syllables of your name
I whisper to the ghost of you in the moonlight

dVerse Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 57

6 thoughts on “Separate Nights

  1. the eggshell syllabels of your name…so fragile…and watching the moon envisioning it cross their sky as well…def understand that…smiles…love the longing in this…and the desire to meet again afresh…understood…nice piece..

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