I Had Words

Depressed man

I had words; words were my all
From opening cap to closing dot
Whether frivolous or thickened plot
Words that captured one leaf’s fall
Or held a fidget much in thrall
Now, I slowly lose all that I’ve got
I had words

Words from days past I can’t recall
Feeling my brain’s descent to pot
I’ve learned to make do with my lot
As from my mind words start to fall
I had words


dVerse Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight – Week 50

19 thoughts on “I Had Words

  1. This put me in mind of the many people I’ve cared for over the years who have dementia. They are like prisoners in their own body and so often I have felt their strong want/need to communicate and then the frustration at not being able to.
    Wonderful image, too.

  2. dito what victoria says…made me think of dementia as well…and made me think of beethoven who lost his hearing sense…so tough..well captured in your poem

  3. I cannot ever imagine not having words. A lady I know has dementia and though she knows what to say, she’s now forgotten who she knows, how she knows them and, it’s so sad to see it. This is very touching.

  4. I knew fellow wordsmith would relate to this.

    Though I have on occasion written of it, I have never feared writers block. I always have faith my words will return. However this, this I have to admit this is a solid fear of mine. I can only imagine Beethoven’s pain and frustration as his hearing dwindled, that was an excellent comparison, Claudia.

    Victoria, Claudia, Brian, Charles, Heaven, Daydreamertoo – Thank you.

  5. I loved this and despaired of the thought of losing my presumed facility with words. For writer’s block is nothing – I just keep writing, even if its bad, if its its been said before, as my readers will bear out.

    Great poem, thanks.

  6. Ay me, me! What is the word for . . . ? Luckily Google can often find the answer! I had the words, I still have the thoughts, and until, helpless, I can only say “I had the words”–I will strive. I love the character you draw here looking inside himself for what is no longer easily accessible.

  7. I’ve had writers block… but never truly lost the words. They just needed some coaxing. I hope I never loose them, never fail to catch them. Thanks for sharing this great poem!

  8. What a capture! This is the way I feel every time I “go up” on a word, can’t find the name of someone I know really well, can’t remember anything. The little things start to go early, but each time it occurs,it presents me with a new fear! Wonderful way to speak about poetry..

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