Mirror of Time

A girl in a market catches my eye

She of the sculpted tee and yoga pant
A rebel streak of cerulean dye
Nearly hidden under mostly raven locks
She’s of age to know to care about the streak
But not yet of one to totally hide the independence

A modern-day hippie
Sans loose sundress and strength of floral

She combined natural scents
Creating heady herbals of patchouli and sandalwood
Which wafted through the air
Stirring serenity

Across the street at a karaoke café
Sipped my usual personal serum
Of a raspberry espresso concoction
Nearly as heady an opiate as the incense

I drummed perfectly painted
but wildly colored talons on the table
Reminiscing my days of youth as such
Before age, if not necessarily maturity
Rained down on me
When I gave birth to her

Her head rose for a moment
And she waved and smiled
Before making her purchase
And just short of skipping
Crosses the street to join me
Her older mirror

A mirror secretly hoping
that those same rains
Take its sweet time
Before they vale upon her


Monday Melting (Week 21)

Write an original poem using the words listed below:
Market, yoga, café, dye, serum, patchouli, sandalwood, raspberry, opium, herbal
natural, espresso, sundress, serenity, rain, rose, sculpt, drum, karaoke, hippie

1 thought on “Mirror of Time

  1. I often wonder what became of various college acquaintances who were in that semi-hippie state. It’s unfortunate, but chances are they’ve become “copies” like the rest of us, just from ordinary nuisances of everyday life.

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