A Taxing Price

She rides bareback upon the mare,
The sun makes nimbus of her hair,
The glow adds to her beauty fair.
All loudly gasp as they take air,
There’s naught that they can do but stare.

Her men walk with her as she rides
They move as one, in perfect stride
Surrounding her from every side.
She ignores the pleas and chides
Beauty like hers, this she must hide.

As word spreads, more do convene
To spy a sight for from routine
This woman valued as a queen
Has not the vanity to preen,
Just holds her head, high to be seen.

With shock and awe her lord reacts
To her fair skin and hair of flax
And all the garments that she lacks!
But he cannot ignore the facts
He could have stopped this in its tracks
Had he just lowered the damned tax!

Artwork of Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva


In a silly mood

dVerse Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 48

8 thoughts on “A Taxing Price

  1. Ah, Lady Godiva, in a scintillating us of rhyme. You capture the moment in all of its aspects, and end it with a charming reminder of what could’ve stopped the whole incident in its tracks!

  2. This certainly beats those tax protesters who pay their bills in pennies! One, they’re not as shockingly effective as Lady Godiva, and two, they’ll never get the rhyming immortality of Raivenne. 😉
    ~ j

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