14 comments on “Missing You

  1. nice….evocative…love letters in the sand is a great touch….ugh…even the ones that were jerks or…we def can miss them as well…and i feel you through out this as you def pluck the heart strings….

  2. Great write, Raivenne! One line really jumped out at me, simply because it was similar to one in the poem I wrote today. (There we go with that great minds thing again!) In fact, though mine was not about love, there seemed to be a familiar thread running through the two poems.
    I know I’ll have better ones, but no, not this day
    Alas… that day… is not today

    • Thanks Charles. I haven’t had a chance to read your write, but yes, you and I do seem be in similar moods and minds a semi-regular basis. Great minds, indeed.

  3. Awww…this really tugs at the heart strings. To loose someone in love is so difficult and so hard to come to terms with, especially if we didn’t want the break up.
    Your emotions are so through all of this, deep, and image filled.

    • Thanks Heaven. I know nothing lasts forever, but we had 20 years together. I have to think he was meant to be, at least for that stretch of it.

  4. I’m missing you… I love how it so simply and powerfully reappears throughout the poem… because when you are missing someone, your mind keeps returning to that simple fact. Heartbreaking.

  5. You really pull it together and lay it down. This is a comprehensive reflection on a very deep love. The person you write it for was obviously very lucky to have you. Very nicely crafted, your voice strong and sustained thruout. I enjoyed the way you employ the refrain from the pop song.

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