A Leaf / A Life

Drifting in the wind,

            a leaf.

            Aged. Hardened.


Not here.

            Not there.

Each gust of wind blowing.

            Taking it away, to bring it back.

Only to start again.

Until someone comes.

    Carries it away.

        To a different place.

            Where it is left.

Broken.  Shredded.  Crushed.

Just enough left to notice.

What it once might have been,

When it was still green.


Not taken for granted.

Or left forgotten.


Written after a trip to a nursing home…

Poetry Picnic Week 34: Plants, Creatures, and the Cosmos!!

6 thoughts on “A Leaf / A Life

  1. I’ve visited nursing homes, and my mother was in one for about one week before she died. A very apt description.

  2. Thank you gentlemen.

    I hope that if the time should ever come in which I would require that level of care, that by then, I have amassed the type of funds so that I can do so in my own home. I have never left a nursing home feeling hopeful for the person living (no residing because I can’t call it “living”), there.

  3. I really like the analogy used here, it works quite well, and going forward I may think about a leaf metaphorically, as you’ve poeticized here. Really nicely done. Thanks

  4. Really good one, Rai. Of course you don’t have to be in a nursing home to feel used up by life.Most of us feel like that at times- but then that’s why these words can land so hard.

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