The Transition

This isn’t a gift you give just to the curious
One has to know for sure if the intent is serious
Some things mere words never explains
It is known only through our blood in your veins
Are you truly aware of all that you inquire?
She smiles and asks yet again for her hearts desire

He smiles at the throat she willingly bares
And takes what is offered, all that he dares

She savors the last of her own natural blood’s gore
From the bit inner cheek whose wound is no longer sore
The nearby roses scent fades like slowly closing drawer
The last thing she hears is her final drop bleed
Darkness closing around her, ‘til all that’s left is Need

She swoons trapped in the power of the most fatal kiss
For the briefest of moments her former life does she miss

As she laps greedily at the slit wrist offered unto her trembling lip
And then her new reality begins to take grip

She gives her eyes time to adjust to the new clarity
the beating wings of a fly enters her ears with an equal parity
Odors and aromas not noticed before becoming verity
She focuses on a single globule pulsing through a single capillary
Chablis? She asks of the faint taste in his blood from wine sipped earlier that day

Now that you have it, is this all you thought it would be?
Oh yes! And so much, much more than you ever told me!

Remembering his very first night kiss, his very first night’s plunder
He can’t help but be affected by her new found wonder
A perfect heartbeat from another room breaks through the din
He smiles consent to the unasked question she holds within
She laughs gaily, sauntering off to her first foray
For the first time in her life, truly understanding the word prey


dVerse ~ Poets Pub : Vampires

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