13 comments on “Memory

  1. nice…i love the form..haven’t heard about it before…and then of course the poem..nice..a bit painful as well when all that’s left are memories…moving

    • The Glosa is my favorite form (outside of free from/verse of course).
      “…a bit painful as well when all that’s left are memories…” SO true. Thanks Claudia

  2. wow…i said it elsewhere tonight but love will def jack you up good…i am glad he has such memories to stir the bones even if for brief moments…some are that powerful, as if they have taken a bit of our soul….really nice details in this…and nice form…

  3. I really enjoyed the form and your execution of it, especially from one of my favorite song writers! This is a very powerful recontextualizing of the Cohen song, an interesting effect in and of itself, beyond the beauties of the form. Excellent and lovely.

    • Thank you Chaz!! Cohen is amazing. You correct, his lyrics provide so much food for thought on their own. Just taking a small section and giving them a different life is daunting, but that’s how they speak to me. Thanks again.

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