6 comments on “They Won

  1. A terrible ending. Is this the story of someone you know? I would add, however, that it is indeed difficult to seek help, as some of those who offer “help” may actually be trying to “control”.

  2. Sombre….

    Great write, tho.

    Two quick edits, Rai, my love –

    “Not knowing pains are a living things” (Take out the ‘a’)


    “The pains tries to find a voice” (Pains ‘try’)

    Love u so much. It’s a very well written piece. made me sad, tho.

  3. Thank you. all.

    Luckily, this is one of those writes completely sprung from my muse. Though I knew none personally at the time of writing this, I have met former cutters since. Several of whom admit how close to home my words struck for them.

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