They Won

She locks them down deep in her heart
The pains that are much to hard to bear
Not knowing pains are living things
They too have a need of air

She paces back and forth
As her soul rips at the seams
The pains try to find a voice
But she suppress the urge to scream

The pains search in vain
Desperate for way to be heard
But not computer, pen or paper
Is touched to give her pains words

But pains are a force of nature
Pains finds a way to succeed
As she picks up a straight razor
And in little cuts starts to bleed

And but for a short moment
The pains do ease inside
Covers the cuts in long sleeves
A whole new way to hide

For days, weeks, months, on end
She and her pains do this odd dance
She suppressing the cuts of evidence
As pains sneak out when they gets the chance

And all the lies rapidly collected
To give her scars a blame
Only cuts deeper than the physical cuts
That can’t quell her personal shame

She refused to reach out
To those offering her their hand
But she just wasn’t ready
Wasn’t prepared to understand

That to accept help was not a weakness
On the strong who reach out survive
But in her head only pains say she’s living
That only the pains keep her alive

Over a year on a late summer night
The clock ticks about a quarter to four
And finds that’s she’s still cutting
Alone on the bathroom floor

And for the first time she sees her arms
The crisscrossing along her inner thighs
The fresh blood trickling from her wrist
And for the first time she truly cries

The avoided mirror reflects all her hurts
Only as painful as the eyes can see
At last her pains have found a voice
And now owned will not let her be

It suddenly felt like so many hands were on her
More than what could possibly be real
It was heart reaching out to all who touched her
Desperate for a chance to finally heal

For the heart’s not made to hold pain for so long
And her pains no longer had the patience to wait
Freed at last it gushed through every avenue
She’d finally reached out, but it was too late

"THEY WON" carved into an arm.

Entered in:

Thursday Poets Rally – Week 65 

Poetry Picnic  – Week 30

6 thoughts on “They Won

  1. A terrible ending. Is this the story of someone you know? I would add, however, that it is indeed difficult to seek help, as some of those who offer “help” may actually be trying to “control”.

  2. Sombre….

    Great write, tho.

    Two quick edits, Rai, my love –

    “Not knowing pains are a living things” (Take out the ‘a’)


    “The pains tries to find a voice” (Pains ‘try’)

    Love u so much. It’s a very well written piece. made me sad, tho.

  3. Thank you. all.

    Luckily, this is one of those writes completely sprung from my muse. Though I knew none personally at the time of writing this, I have met former cutters since. Several of whom admit how close to home my words struck for them.

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