All One Remembers

Be it that simple rhyme given to the first friend
The classic ”Roses are red, violets are blue…”
Or on the finest parchment that can be penned
With a method and grace that evokes much ado

Poetry is the verbiage that traces the path of a setting sun ray
Whose impression lasts long after the indigo eve holds sway

We don’t deny that amphigory can crack a mighty smile
Cooling off the sensual steam from a sexy free-verse mix
Metaphor and imagery are just a part of a poem’s style
Though it glitters it’s not silver, is one of its many tricks

Mighty words can pool one’s anger enough to shake the rafter
Or fill a pool with gut wrenching tears if that’s what it’s after

Some say the true crux of a poem’s job is to entertain
It’s a bonus if a lesson happens to be learned
Poorly or very well done, both can bring much gain
And even the rich know its value is not in dollars earned

For when all is said and done, pens down, books close, lips seal
All one mostly remembers of a poem is how it makes one feel


dVerse Poetry Pub : Ars Poetica – Poems about Poetry

20 thoughts on “All One Remembers

  1. “For when all is said and done, pens down, books close, lips seal
    All one mostly remembers of a poem is how it makes one feel”

    And THAT is why I write poetry. To make you FEEL.

    Awesome write, Rai ❤

  2. true will forget the words but never how you felt when reading it..that’s what poetry is about… and i like that you start with the simple rhymes..brought back a few childhood memories when we rhymed just for fun, inventing fingerplays to go with them.. thank you..

    • You mention fingerplays and I immediately thought of the hand play games -“Miss Mary Mack” anyone?- of childhood. I think for most of us our first introduction to poetry, before we even know the words “poem / poetry”, are the childhood rhymes first learned from street/schoolyard games and/or words scribbled on glittered and macaroni festooned cards for Mom. Many thanks Claudia, especially for the schoolyard memories.

  3. you def turned the jewel of poetry around and explored several of its facets…def its in what you as the poet evoke…we can not control that exactly only point the way….shaking the rafters…smiles.

    • “…we can not control that exactly only point the way…”

      Oh SO true Brian. I’m always intrigued, and on occasion amused, at how my words can pull meanings far deeper (or far off course), from what I think I’ve written to the reader. Thank you.

  4. As Q noted, we will also remember well-phrased lines, but yes, it’s the words that make you feel over all that tend to stay with you.

    Thanks Holly and DarkAngel.

  5. A personal chronology of poetry – well examined in rhymed couplets. I love the ending as it does unfold “the truth”. I will return to this poem. It made me feel complete.

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