8 comments on “This Peaceful Moment

  1. Beautiful. It made me think of Mendocino, CA, which was built by Downeasters, and resembles a Maine fishing village, complete with unpainted wooden houses, with “widow’s walk” balconies.

  2. This is a lovely image – the peaceful pause at evening – like the world is taking a breath before starting night time activities.

    Lovely images, Rai ❤

  3. This one’s lovely. Perfect for a rainy, tipsy night. So glad you sent me the link to your writing site. However you meant it, I consider a gesture of friendship and hope we can stay in touch. Drama in 41 so I won’t be calling on your impeccable interventions there anymore but do sincerely hope we can stay in touch. Be well.

  4. It is lovely that time of day at the beach. Like your capture. Just as every mountain is different; each port seems to be as well. Our sky and water meld in Port A – blues in endless varieties and shades sinking at night to turquoise, then into the bluer shades of indigo, and finally midnight blue with a corona at the horizon of lightness before the sky goes inky and the frosty stars appear. Well done. Loved the contrast to my little beach side town.

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