7 comments on “Justice in Passing

  1. Great story. You have taken so much care in making sure the narrative sticks to the rhyme and rhythm and it works quite well. Still hard for me to believe this type of savagery went for civil society in this land. Thank you for memorializing the tale – these things should never be forgotten.

  2. Thank you Brian, Charles and Chaz.

    We all (at least most Americans), know that stories such this and far, far worse cruelties did occur in our nation’s past. Look up “slavery gator bait” for evidence of that. In no way do I desire to lesson the brutal truths out there, for as much as we know, it likely nothing compared to the many of which we will never learn of. Luckily this tale, epic in comparative length to my usual writes and as brutal as it is, was solely from my mind and muse.

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