12 comments on “When Winter Cradles Spring

  1. A more beautiful memorial I couldn’t imagine, although it’s surprising that you wrote it while he was still alive.

    • I generally consider it a gift that my muse can pull things I know nothing about and make them so real to those who read my words. I’ve done such with several poems. This one was instead a curse that I obviously wish I did not have to learn about first hand.

      Thanks Bob.

  2. Thanks for sharing your poem with us — it is a work of art. I look forward to reading more of your slices this month.

  3. Charles, Kevin and Ruth – Thank you!

    GirlGriot – It is ll your fault I’m here- do you hear me? YOUR fault! And thank you! ♥

    Q – I…can’t…breathe…hobbit…hugs…helmmmmmph… 🙂 ♥-infinity!

  4. Anniversaries are a great reminder of days gone past, but what is neat is your big events and decisions are being made on the same day. Very smart if you ask me. A lot easier to remember.

    • Not exactly on the same day, but within very close range of the events; so yes the reminder is always there. I don’t know how smart that is, but I’ll take it. Thank you Michael,

  5. I’ve read it aloud…. and now I can’t speak
    The poignant words leave me breathless
    my knees have now gone weak
    I don’t know how to express to you
    how this poem made me feel
    I’m sitting here staring at the screen
    all emotion raw, and real…..

    Damn, Rai…. Awesome poem….

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